Security has emerged as a fundamental driver of modern devices alongside cost, energy and performance. Secure hardware acts as a Root-of-Trust of today’s advanced information systems and services. The technical fields widely spread ranging over device, circuit, architecture, and system domains. However, designing secure hardware is a complex problem and needs a multidisciplinary approach to tackle all the problems. The issues range from trustworthy circuit design, semiconductor manufacturing, choice of underlying security protocols and ciphers, resistance to side-channel and fault-injection attack. Naturally, experts from different disciplines are required to come together to find holistic solutions to such variety of problems.

This forum invites leading researchers covering such multi-layer research topics including the cutting-edge design of security primitives, cryptographic accelerators, physical attack protections, computer system hacking and countermeasures. 

The workshop is strategically (geographically) co-located with VLSI symposium 2023 (leading annual semiconductor technology and circuits event) and ACNS 2023 (leading security conference) to enable cross-disciplinary interaction between experts. We aim at bringing together leading researchers and experts from academia, industry, and government to exchange knowledge and stimulate new ideas for tackling the challenges related to hardware security.